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Easily block porn with BlockP, the ultimate free website blocker app for a cleaner, distraction-free browsing experience.

BlockP | Best Porn Blocker software for Android, IOS,
BlockP | Best Porn Blocker software for Android, IOS,

Available in multiple platforms

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BlockP windows application
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Our Vision

At BlockP, we envision a world where digital wellness is prioritized, aiming to empower individuals suffering from digital adult addiction.

Our commitment is to provide a comprehensive and effective solution that addresses the challenges of porn addiction, fostering a healthier, more balanced digital life for everyone.

Our Mission

Our mission at BlockP is to offer a robust, supportive platform tailored to individuals battling porn addiction.

We are dedicated to creating a one-stop solution that provides resources, support, and tools needed for overcoming addiction and promoting long-term digital health and well-being.

Unlock the Simple Pleasures of Life After Porn

Mindful Surfing

BlockP promotes positive browsing habits while minimizing exposure to potentially adult content on phone, windows and tablets.

Virtual Armor

Strengthen your psychological defenses against harmful online content, fostering inner peace with Porn Blocker Apps.

Empower Your Choices

Begin your Journey of Self-Discovery Without Porn and strengthen your self-discipline and take charge of your online behavior with BlockP.

Save your Valuable Time

Escaping from The Habit of Wasting Time on watching explicit videos and Embrace Moments with BlockP App.

Boost Self-Control

Use of BlockP App helps strengthen Your Willpower against Online Temptations and Develop Control.

Clear Digital Experience

Quitting Porn helps in Enhancing Mental Health and Reduces Stress as you create an online friendly environment.

Visualize a life free from the chains of addiction

4.5 rating


Here's what our customers say

FINALLY, A BLOCKER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. After trying all the existing blockers on Play Store, this one is the real deal. It's easy to configure, and it makes nearly impossible to uninstall it or change the settings. I tested many many others and they are all flawed. As soon as I type a blocked keyword or website the app blocks it and prevent you from going further. Amazing! Pair this with a specific app for limiting screen/apps time and you're set to be best version of yourself. Thanks!!!

Luis Philipe Rocha



Just purchased the subscription a few days ago. I had questions and contacted customer support, they replied quickly and answered all of my questions. The app, even before the subscription, has been helping me for quite awhile. It is easy to navigate through and is very effective in blocking content and websites. I don't normally write reviews, however this app does an excellent job, and judging by other porn-blocking apps, it is definitely the more affordable choice.

- Joshua Rehbein


The app is excellent and the customer support is even better. I purchased a lifetime subscription after doing my research but then found a way through their filter. I emailed the issue and within 2 days not only had they responded they created an entirely new feature to patch the problem. A problem other protection apps like qustodio fall short on. I highly recommend them they are a company that CARES. THATS RARE.

Yonah Greene


This app ended up being a good app. Had issues in the beginning but it worked perfectly outside of that. Am uninstalling for personal reasons but definitely recommend if your looking for something to block apps and explicit content.

Servando Martinez


Blocker is really a great app, I have just installed it in my phone. It's really life saving app. Thanks for great invention. But I have two doubts though, what is mean by 'admin cancelled' it reflects when I click yes or ok. And why doesn't 'Back' message appear from Blocker app when I test again for whether the app is working or not. Have doubt for this. Actually I have blocked porn and related sites in Google and browser settings too. So I am getting page not available messages from them.

Nana Salve


This is my 2nd attempt at using a blocker. The first one from a different developer blocked news articles, mobile cable TV, and documentaries on YouTube. I am very happy with the performance of this product and I recommend giving them a try. I did and I was not disappointed. I tried the free trial and decided I need this product so I'm upgrading to premium next paycheck. If this product was available for use for my desktop computer I would be set

Tim Whitehead

What Does Porn Addiction Really Mean?

Porn addiction is characterized by the uncontrollable urge to view explicit content, despite potential negative consequences on personal, social, and professional life.

This condition reflects a reliance on pornography to cope with stress, loneliness, or other emotional challenges. As individuals fall deeper into this dependency, they might find it increasingly difficult to enjoy normal daily activities or maintain meaningful relationships.

Addressing porn addiction often involves using tools like porn blockers, available as apps for phones and browsers, which help reduce exposure and support the journey towards recovery.

What are some of the common factors which can trigger porn addiction?

  • Anxiety.

  • Loneliness.

  • Boredom.

  • Emotional Hurt.

  • Stress

  • Failure

  • Frustration

  • Drug and/or alcohol use

  • Fantasize

  • Low self-esteem and body image issues.

  • Curiosity about sexual content.

  • Peer pressure or influence from friends.

  • Easy access to pornography through technology and devices.

  • Relationship dissatisfaction.

Is it possible to overcome Porn Addiction?

Yes, overcoming porn addiction is indeed possible, and many have found success by integrating various strategies and tools. Central to these strategies is the use of porn blockers, which are vital in limiting access to triggering content.

These blockers are available as apps on various platforms, including Android and Chrome, and can be installed on phones, computers, and other devices. The best porn blocker apps offer customizable filters and settings to effectively block adult content and other triggers.

Such tools are available for free or as premium versions on app stores and can be easily installed. They not only help in managing the addiction by reducing exposure but also support individuals in rebuilding a life after addiction.

This holistic approach, combined with professional help and self-care apps, can pave the way for a successful recovery, allowing individuals to regain control over their impulses and improve their overall well-being.

What is Porn Blocking Software?

Porn blocking software, often referred to as a porn blocker or pornography blocker, is a security tool designed to restrict access to adult content across various devices. These applications, available as porn blocker apps on the app store, can be installed on Android phones, PCs, and even as extensions for browsers like Chrome.

These tools are crucial for individuals looking to manage porn addiction, offering features like time app restrictions and custom settings to control internet use. They support life after addiction by providing a safer online environment and are available for installation as both free and premium versions on platforms like Android and iOS.

Choose the right Porn Blocker?

The Porn Blocker applications have settings that analyze the web pages or URLs if they contain any explicit content and disable them. BlockP software is a specific example of porn blocker.

Porn Blocker offers various sets of customizable options to block adult websites. With BlockP, users can set up filters based on keywords, or specific websites or any other digital content that is not suitable for certain audiences. The software can be installed on PCs, Androids and tablets to provide all-inclusive protection.

Overall, BlockP Porn Blocker App is a valuable tool in the fight against porn addiction, providing guidance to users on how to take control of their online experiences and win the battle against pornography addiction.

Frequently asked questions

Does BlockP work on all devices?
Yes, BlockP is compatible with multiple devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.
Is it easy to install BlockP App?

Yes, BlockP App is user-friendly and offers straightforward installation processes. It requires downloading the app from an app store or website and following simple instructions.

Will the BlockP app slow down my device?

No, it runs smoothly in the background.It operates seamlessly in the background without interrupting your browsing experience.

How can I choose the right Porn Blocker App?

Consider factors like user reviews, features, compatibility with your device, and customer support while selecting a Porn Blocker App.

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